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Our mission is to transform passive reading into an interactive experience through real-time chat functionality with news


Hai News was born from a collective passion for revolutionizing the way individuals connect with news content. We observed a gap in the landscape of news consumption – a gap between the reader and the story. Traditional methods lacked the engagement we craved, leading us to ponder how we could transform news consumption into an immersive and dynamic experience. The answer emerged in the form of Hai News, powered by the ingenuity of PandaChat.

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hai surf

Hai Surf
Let AI handle web surfing!

With Hai Surf, you're not just browsing the web; You are chatting with Google, Wikipedia, articles, blogs, and websites - getting recommendations, asking questions, and sharing insights with friends. Just type in a topic, hit enter, and dive into the most entertaining conversations you never knew you needed.

hai news

Hai News
Let AI handle news reading!

This is not just another AI tool; it's your dynamic companion in the world of news. Hai News transforms news consumption into a lively conversation. Imagine real-time interactions where you can ask questions, seek clarifications, and engage in chats that make news informative and entertaining.

Building a solid foundation for generations to come

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Developing empathy towards the generations that raised us

Our vision

At Hai News, our vision extends beyond being a mere news platform. Our vision is rooted in the belief that every voice matters, and through informed conversations, we can foster a more connected and empathetic global society.

Our goals

Keeping pace with the world's fast-evolving trends can be overwhelming. Our goal is to create a global community where individuals actively participate in shaping the narrative.

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